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Some of the Inverter Repair Brands we service in Kollam and Pathanamthitta are -

Microtek, Exide,Luminous,SuKam, Crompton,Mahindra,Whirlpool etc..

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Brand SF Sonic

Battery Cell Composition:  Lead Acid

Compatible Phone Models : TUBULAR BATTERY

Recommended Uses For Product :INVERTER

Net Quantity:1 count

Voltage 12 Volts


Battery Weight :52 Kilograms

Item Dimensions LxWxH: 65 x 26 x 55 Centimeters

Item Weight:52 Kilograms

Warranty: 60 Month (36+24=60 months warranty)

Inverter 1200 VA/12 Volt Pure Sine wave
Transformer -Copper
Display - Digital Display
Battery Trolley (Extra)
Surge Protector

Over charge Protection
Overload Protection
Battery Deep discharge Protection

Battery - Powerex 150 Ah Tower type Tubular

Inverter - 2 Year Full 5 Year Service Warranty (Service - Onsite)
Battery Powerex 150 Ah - 5 Years (3 Year Full 2 Year Prorated)

Non Spillable sealed container
Absorptive glass mate separateor
Low maintanance
Heavy duty grid
Low self discharge long shelf life
Special Lead Alloy Encompass Virgin Active Materials
Auto Controlled Electrodes Formation
Auto Heat Sealing Assembly Line
Quality and Reliability-Electrical and Chemical Lab.
Warranty 5 Years

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